Sunday, December 11, 2011

Even MORE platformer Updates, and - you guessed it - more freebies!'s platform runner, Diversion, has gone through loads of updates since it's release. It's latest one adds even more to the already content full title. Version 1.35 brings new holiday snow themed menus and unlockable daily characters, adds levels 11-20 in World 5, more endless bonus levels, bringing the total up to 35, new characters, bringing the total to more than 600, hammer smack bosses, ice, micro boost pickups, and loads of fixes! If you haven't picked this one up yet, you really should. has supported it like crazy, adding content pretty much every month. There's TONS of gameplay, and, yeah, over 600 characters!!

Wicked Games exploratory spy platformer, SpyCorp, has had quite a few updates since it's release as well. After taking out all of the IAPs to show complaining gamers that they were not needed to complete the game, they got a load of suggestions and feedback. Version 1.2.1 contains added HD textures for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S iPad 2 and 4th gen iPods, a button for the briefing screen to return to the level selection menu, improved some dialogue, level design tweaks and updates, as well as loads of bug fixes like GameCenter leaderboard connections, a bug fix for the operation 2 boss fight, cases where stealth would remain after a moving shadow passed off of the player, and more. Wicked Games is definitely a development group that I have to highly respect, and for $0.99, it's hard to beat the amount of content you'll find in SpyCorp. 50 levels, loads of them taking 15-20 minutes to complete. It's a platformer you will not regret purchasing.

After being removed from the AppStore to fix a major bug that was included in the last update, One Minute Games speedrunner, Commander Pixman, is back, and better than ever! Version 1.2.1 has fixed possible 'static' monsters on replays, improved collision detection, improved GameCenter logging, a 'Skip' level button has been added, and 10 new levels have been included in the 'First Blood' level pack, which is included in the game for free. Commander Pixman is definitely a speedrunner that stands tall on it's own two feet, respectably holding it's own against the likes of League Of Evil, Mos Speedrun, Meganoid, and Stardash. If you'd like to try it out for free, the lite version contains the entire level pack, First Blood, go ahead and download it here - Commander Pixman - First Blood

FDG Entertainment's 3D Motion Puzzler, Blueprint 3D, has just received it's first update. Version 1.1 includes an all new Christmas level pack, 2 new game modes: Advanced and Pro, a new trophy, new achievements and a new leaderboard, progress is saved in each level, and some minor bug fixes. If you haven't bought this one yet, you really should. It might not seem like something too great, but once you start playing it, it's incredibly hard to put down.


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