Saturday, December 17, 2011

Loads of Updates, and Notable Sales and Freebies!

November+December. It's probably the busiest couple of months for the gaming industry, especially the AppStore. An INSANE amount of sales, freebies, updates, and let's not forget some of the best releases of the year. Here are a few updates that have been recently released, all of which are for games that are worth checking out if you don't have them already. So... here we go!

What's New in Version 1.1.0?

- New exciting survival mode!
- A new batch of achievements!

What's New in Version 1.0.7?

*** Most Notable Changes and Improvements in v1.0.7 ***

- Ship and weapon balance changes! Many players have noted that building lots of missile frigates provided a much larger benefit than building larger ships. Ships have been adjusted to bring these more in-line, allowing greater variety in strategic thinking. Please see the forums for a full list of changes.

- Lots of user requested new features!
* Colonists in transit between planets of different star systems now appear as "transporting" icons on the destination planet
* Defending spies now have a change of reporting enemy spy activity in your empire.
* When an item built is reported in the sitrep, the next item in queue for that planet is also listed in the sitrep
* Weapon and system listing in the ship designer are now sorted such that newer technologies are at the top of the list
* Combat at a system now prevents the planets at that system from transporting colonists off of those world. If you want to engage in scorched earth tactics, you will need to do that before your opponent reaches your colony.
* Added "clear all" and "upgrade all" buttons to the race and ship designer
* Added a cancel button to the research dialog

- Lots of bug fixes!

What's New in Version 1.4?

Special Christmas Update:

• 2 Brand New Levels: SantaVille and Beanstalk
• New character: Yeti
• New Game Mode: Emperor

Plus many other tweaks:

• The SantaVille level introduces a new Capture the Flag mode, while the Beanstalk adds a new endless jumper mode
• You can now unlock any level at anytime
• You can switch to any of the game modes at anytime, to fully complete each one of them
• You can compare your scores to your Game Center friends, right on the loading screen
• Chinese localization
• Bull and Panda character fixes
• Achievements fixes
• plus many more

What's New in Version 1.1?

* Added unlockable score multipliers - the more you play, the higher your possible score!
* Score combos now continue into and out of power ups - earn more points than ever!
* A new powerup - fly a fighter jet!
* New & colorful characters
* Play your own music from your iPhone
* Twitter support
* Bug fixes & art cleanup

What's New in Version 1.2?

√ Power Boosts are here! Become Invincible and bounce off of hazards, turn on your Magnetic Field and suck in all the nearby scrap, activate your Force Field Breaker and short-circuit barriers with the slightest touch, or turn on Bonus Scrap and gain twice as much scrap every time you collect.

√ Stuck? Want some inspiration? Help is here. We’ve linked every level to a video walk-through recorded by one of our best players. Watch and learn, then play like the best.

√ Other minor game improvements and fixes.

What's New in Version 1.5?

Universal iPad/iPhone support.

What's New in Version 2.0?

* ROAD WARS MULTIPLAYER: Experience the complete multiplayer campaign. Unlock cars and weapons by destroying your opponents. Advance your career. Claim the crown.
* FRIENDS PLAY: Round up your friends on your own Friends Game Channel. Use auto match and never get lost.
* BATTLE MODIFIERS: Turn the odds in your favor. Use Shotgun Blues to make your auto machine gun shoot shotgun shells, or start your race using nitros with Quick Start.
* WAR PAINT: Unique paint job for Shrieker and Vagabond that brings these cars' performance to a whole new level!
* NEW RANK SYSTEM: From Roadkill to Battle-Hardened Captain, track your progress more accurately than ever before on your way to becoming the Adversary. Carry your shield with pride!

And much, much more in this ENORMOUS Death Rally update!

What's New in Version 1.1.0?

- 'The Wraithmaster' mini-campaign. Includes an exciting new game mode, new enemies and additional content.
- An additional weapon for the Captain. The 'Dual Pistols'.
- A new 'Star Rating' system for all missions. Can you achieve the elusive 'Five Star Rating' on hard mode?
- 4 new music tracks to listen to while you battle.
- Drastically improved performance on all supported devices.
- Faster games with quick enemy moves and no more battle report between turns.
- Many more features and fixes.

What's New in Version 1.5?

- Fix of the stars unlock in level 4;
- Fix of the unlock of one Hell mode achievement;
- Fix of the name appearing below the icon;
- Fixed game icon;
- Speed improvements.

What's New in Version 1.0.4?

* Hold to break option
* New cold dirt block
* New cobblestone texture
* New clay look and sound
* New mob: chicken
* New mob: birds
* New mob: boar
* New mob: medium spider
* New mob: huge spider
* New mob: huge skull
* New mob: mother slime
* New mob: white rabbit
* New mob: snail
* New mob: bear
* New drops for every mob
* New Meat loots, everything can be cooked now
* Healing Potions
* Mithril Sword
* Consumable items cannot be consumed at maximum health anymore
* Mobs can now spawn according to depth
* Mobs now should properly spawn according to their min/max light values allowed
* Christmas balls that can be placed on spruce trees
* Wrapped box with Christmas goodies around the world!
* New rare componible treasure
* Climbable spiderwebs
* Christmas tree statue
* Snow balls that can be crafted into snow blocks or used as half blocks to decorate
* Snow blocks and snow bricks
* Cold biome
* Spruce trees (can be replanted like normal trees)
* Planting and regrowing of trees/cacti
* Restored stars for damage (blood was unnecessary and quite cruel!)
* Back layer correctly checks the tool that is used to break blocks
* Bone ladders and bone bridges
* Bone torch and purple goo torch
* Durability bars on some items that were unnecessary are not present anymore
* Version number in the title screen
* It's now possible to hold craft button to keep crafting items
* Automatic version check to warn if an update is available
* Trapdoors
* Tapping a reachable addon will open inventory
* Fixed a bug that allowed items to be placed in X of inventory
* Fixed minor glitches with climbable vines
* Fixed crashes around the edges of the map
* Fixed crash while destroying ladders at the top of the world
* Fixed crash while placing items at the top/bottom of the world
* Fixed crash while opening inventory at the top/bottom of the world
* Inverted position of map button and craftbook button
* Restored timer for throwing items to an higher value
* Added reinforced door
* Changed wood chest craft
* Changed wood door craft
* Apple grows also on blue leaves
* Wood doors now have a chance to break when used

What's New in Version 1.4?

+ New material allows you to turn objects into breakable ice!
+ 5 brand new ice levels!
+ Bug fixes.

+ IAP: Christmas themed Santa characters added!


-=Dead Space/EA -- $6.99 -> $0.99
-=Galaxy On Fire 2/Fishlabs -- $9.99 -> $4.99



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