Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finger Gravity Gets Ads and Arcade Jumper goes free!

Keeping up with the whole spirit of the season, here's even more freebies. Finger Gravity and Finger Gravity HD, by Wode Mobile, after just having an improved control update, which also added ads, which people who got the game for free as well as customers who already bought the game can get rid of for $0.99 - thanks for the Christmas gift! I guess if you're going to try and make money, throwing ads into a paid app, screwing over your customers is one way to do it, though we believe it makes it harder for indie developers to sell games when gamers are constantly worried that once they buy a game, ads will be thrown into it.

Also going free is Black Hive Media's Universal arcade platformer, Arcade Jumper. There are some issues with this one, and it's definitely not the best platformer in the AppStore, but for free, it is worth checking out. The developers are also fairly supportive, and are listening to everyone's feedback on the Touch Arcade Thread, and through their contact page. So if you're looking for another platformer to eat up some time, Arcade Jumper is a worthy download.

[Black Hive Media]
$1.99 -> FREE


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