Sunday, December 18, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Promocode Giveaway: Updated with new games

Each day before Christmas we will give away a promo code of an iOS game (apps in giveaway listed below) to two of the contest entrants. We will contact you through the method of contact from which you entered and deliver the promo code into your hands.
If you have won a code you still have a chance to win more throughout the Countdown.

You can enter in three different ways:
  • Tweeting about the site or the contest. Include our account name in your tweet (@TheAppShack) 
Sample Tweet- I just entered the Countdown to Christmas Promocode Giveaway from @TheAppShack!!! Enter here:
  • Liking us on Facebook. (Email us with the name you liked us under)
          • Emailing us at with suggestions and tips for the giveaway or the site in general.
Be sure to follow our Twitter account to stay up to date on what apps are included in the giveaway and who won the latest contest.

Promo Codes you could win:

EPOCH. (3 codes) Universal
Mage Gauntlet (1 codes) iPhone only
Fargoal (5 codes) iPhone only
Saucelifter (2 codes) Universal
Phoenix(6 codes) iPhone only
Shadowgun(4 codes) Universal *Special Rules to win this code
Blobster Christmas (1 code)
Invader Zurp (1 code)
Sleepy Jack (1 code)
More apps will be added to the contest shortly

We thank our sponsors that have generously donated their codes to this awesome contest.

*In order to win the Shadowgun code you have to compose a tweet that says:
Tweet this message and follow both @MADFINGERGames and @TheAppShack in order to win a code of Shadowgun. Enter here:


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