Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mighty Fin, AirHead Adam, SpyCorp and more get updates - Plus a Cubes Vs. Spheres Holiday Gift!

Holidays usually bring about quite a few updates, generally with holiday themed levels and costumes. Thankfully, not every title gets a holiday update. Don't want to get sick of the Christmas Spirit while trying to escape from it all by diving into an iOS game, now do we? But it's always nice having a few titles on your device with Holiday themes, making it feel a little more like a holiday season. So here's a few updates for you guys to enjoy!

What's New in Version 2.1.1

Mighty Fin leaps headfirst into the festive season with a HUGE holiday update!

***Brand new 'Seasonal Spectacular' map to play***
*Three all-new holiday-themed levels
*Jump and dive all the way to the North Pole in 'Winter Wonderland' (and slide through Santa's Workshop while you're there!)
*Head 'Down Under' for a sun-soaked season beside the beach
*Conquer the surreal and beautiful Tim Burton-inspired 'Haunted Holiday'

***And of course, the costumes!***
*Find and collect 12 new ensembles for Fin
*Spread cheer in a jaunty Santa hat!
*Scowl fiendishly as Fin the Grinch!
*Play as a leg of ham!
*And so many more -- there are now OVER 80 costumes, disguises and vehicles!

What's New in Version 1.2

*Christmas Sasquatch Boss
*Christmas Event
*5 new costumes
*Christmas gift from OrionArts in the shop
*More Maps
*Optimized graphics
*Bug fix
*Reduced file size

What's New in Version 5.0

*Introduced 4 new guns (Retro blaster, Freezer, FourSided, Rocket Launcher)
*Now you can preview Weapons before purchasing them.
*New Enemy Character Introduced - Bomber, Beware of this enemy. He will take 20% of your health.
*New bonus introduced:: Time Bonus -=- User PowerShock (Special Attack) wave to kill all enemies on screen.
*New bonus introduced:: Kill Streak Bonus -=- Increasing no. of kills will gain higher timer shield.
*New barrel blast & shield sounds introduced.
*Health boost still gone cheaper.
*For a better gameplay, Enemies will now be equipped with shields.
*Smoother controls for movement & aim on iPad.
*Other bug fixes.

What's New in Version 1.2

*Removed all in-app purchases, added a credit bonus for mission performance and for replaying missions.
*MiniMaps! Keep the surveillance gadget equipped to get a zoomable minimap added to your HUD. Position it anywhere on screen through Options.
*Improved control responsiveness and button hit zones!
*Improved combat, added health bars and additional melee animations!
*Improved level design, improved some UI graphics, updated some story dialog, and fixed miscellaneous bugs, including a potential crash.
*Now fully iOS 5 compatible!
*Hotfix: Crash scenario fixed, but the game will still NOT RUN on older devices, which lack the memory needed to load the art, this crash fix is only for devices post-3GS

What's New in Version 1.0.2

*Major Mayhem is now under 20MB so you can download via cell network
*Jumpy framerate at the start of the game reduced somewhat but not totally gone
*Level select menu performance increased
*The Major can no longer get stuck when jumping at specific places like the water tower on the first city level and the presidents office door

The Cubes are coming... for the holidays.

Play three free holiday-themed levels of Cubes Vs. Spheres, the critically acclaimed 3D physics action game where you defend against waves of advancing Cubes by flicking powerful Spheres at them. Use 6 unique Spheres to explode, freeze, squash and confuse the Cubes. Can you survive the Cube apocalypse?


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