Saturday, December 3, 2011

Squids goes Universal, Crimson: Steam Pirates goes FREE, and more!


Since the turn-based RPG, Squids, by The Game Bakers, was released, gamers have been begging for a HD iPad version of the beautiful game. Now, instead of releasing a separate build for the iPad, The Game Bakers decided to update the iPhone version, and make it UNIVERSAL. That's right, now, you can install that original iPhone copy that you bought onto your iPad, and view the game in all of it's amazing graphical glory, and it's not going to cost you one penny extra! Adding to this already HUGE update, a new mission for the Halloween map has been added, Localization in Japanese, Chinese and Russian, Pearls are now won wether you win or loose a stage, you can now listen to your own music while playing, the screen rotation has been fixed, and a couple of bugs have been squashed! Now THAT, my friends, is what you can call a MASSIVE update! If you haven't picked this one up yet, we HIGHLY recommend that you do. It's an awesome gameplay experience that you won't soon forget.

Quarter Circle Punch's recent shoot-em-up, Wonton 51, had quite a few mixed reviews. On one hand, simply put, the game is friggin awesome. On the other hand, the controls didn't really let you experience the game how you'd want to experience it. A new game type with Auto-fire has been added, with rebalanced gameplay, and a totally separate leaderboard! Also added to the game; a new boss type with a new attack, showing up in both modes, and some fixes for iOS5 and Twitter compatibility, along with some bug fixes. So if you ended up throwing your iPod against a wall while playing Wonton 51 the first time around, now would be a great time to take a crack at it again. With the Auto-Fire mode, the game feels a lot more like a shmup, and a lot less like a game that's being hidden under your fingers.

OrangePixel's GameBoy inspired platformer, Stardash, has also received an update, this time bringing gamers a whole new world with 10 great levels, a few bug fixes, and a device rotation fix! Stardash is easily one of our favorite platformers of the year, so if you haven't checked it out yet, you really should, especially if you grew up with an original GameBoy.


$0.99 -> FREE

[Bungie Aerospace Corporation]
Turn-Based Strategy
$0.99 -> FREE

[Perio Games]
Side-Scrolling Beat-em-up
$0.99 -> FREE

[Swag Soft LLP]
Stationary Arcade Tap-shooter
$1.99 -> FREE

[Cascadia Games LLC]
$1.99 -> FREE

[Studio Yomi]
Tilt-controlled Platformer
$0.99 -> FREE


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