Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rayark's Cytus gets it's Version 2.0 update!

Every now and again, an update comes along that totally changes how we view a game. Aside from the usual bug fixes, Facebook+Twitter additions and little tweaks, there's the rare occasion that you'll wake up one day, and see an update that you didn't expect, and that completely changes how you view, or adds to the amount of respect you have for a developer. 

Today was one of those morning. Waking up at 5AM (damn neighbors locking their dog outside), I did my usual morning routine, and then opened up the AppStore to see a couple of updates. One of which was for Cytus. Not even knowing that an update for Cytus was in the works, I clicked on the icon, and was extremely surprised to see the amount of changes and additions that have been done for the fabulous Version 2.0.0 build. 

Here's a list of what's new in Version 2.0.0;

>As much as people enjoy the game of Cytus, there seems to be quite a few things that remain unanswered; Often people wonder, what is the robotic icon for? Is the background story really relevant to the game? You will be finding the answers in the new release of Cytus Version 2.0.0
>Cytus Story Mode unfolds before you
>The world outlook of Cytus has always been there, through implementing the new chapter select menu, gamers will better understand & be irresistibly drawn into the world of Cytus more than ever. 
>From Version 2.0.0 onwards, Rayark Inc. has a plan that is bold & experimental; with every 100,000 paid downloads, a new chapter, including 10 new songs, will be unlocked. The complete story of Cytus consists of 10 chapters, 100 songs thereof can be played as a whole, as long as the plan goes through in terms of having all 10 chapters unlocked.
--Having attempted to execute such a plan, we intend to dodge the commonly used IAP song packs in the contemporary music genre. We are relying on each and every gamer to spontaneously promote Cytus to others for its quality content as well as friendly price. Together, we have a chance to make Cytus the one and only; a classic music game with a hundred songs to play!
>9 new songs, including a hidden track of our most popular song.
>Technical Point system for those who want more of a challenge.
>New user interface to introduce the magnificent story of Cytus, including the new chapter select menu with 3 chapters, the story will expand in the future!
>New explosion and sound effects.
>GameCenter achievements 

That's right. The background story is being brought out more, more songs, a new Technical Point system, new sound effects, GC Achievements!!! Sensory overload! =oD

Also finding out that new chapters and songs will be unlocked if the game sells well, instead of having the song packs come out as in-app-purchases was a huge surprise. Though I'm not too optimistic that the game will hit 1,000,000 paid downloads and have all 100 songs unlocked, I am still hopeful. So get out there, check out the update, and tell EVERYONE you know about a wonderful little music game, priced at $1.99, and already including a buttload of songs, that has the potential to have 100 songs sometime in the future!

Rayark has also been kind enough to contribute some promo codes for Cytus for our first ever BIG ASS PROMO CODE GIVEAWAY! So if you don't have Cytus yet, and are a broke... broke... like so many of us out there, make sure you check our Twitter page every day for the next week while we hand out promo codes (we're up to 95!!!) starting tomorrow (the 8th) and lasting until next Tuesday (the 14th).


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