Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mobigame joins in on the Summer Sales!

Mobigame hit the iOS gaming world in a big way when they released EDGE back in 2008. After some legal issues, EDGE being pulled from the AppStore, and back-n-forth what-nots, almost a year later, in 2009, EDGE was re-released, and made a huge impact on iOS gaming. Still holding up today, EDGE is on the best puzzle/platform titles you'll ever find in the AppStore, and has since spawned a semi-sequel, EDGE Extended. If you have yet to pick up these titles, you'd be doing yourself a HUGE favor if you hopped on over to the AppStore and picked them up ASAP. And what better time than now, as Mobigame has joined in on the summer fun, and reduced the price for 4 of their 6 titles; 

This sale is going to last until August 19th, so hurry up, and don't miss out on some of the best games available for the iDevice! 


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