Saturday, August 4, 2012

VR Mission EXT [Sphinx Entertainment] - $0.99

The last couple of releases from Sphinx Entertainment have been amazingly outstanding. Actually, you wouldn’t be flamed if you said that the last couple releases they’ve put out are the best titles in their respective genres. Sphinx Entertainment is very quickly climbing up the ranks on my favorite developers list, and their latest title, VR Mission EXT, puts them one step closer to the top 5. Taking everything the team has learned from the original VR Mission, EXT steps it up in more ways than one, and could very well be the best stealth based game available for the iOS. 

As you can tell from screenshots, and the name, VR Mission EXT gets its inspiration from Konami’s Metal Gear Solid VR Missions. In 2012, the world seems peaceful after several notorious dictators have died. Unfortunately, a secret organization, the Shadow Soldiers, claim that they have the newest and best in Nuclear, Bio and Metal Mechanic weaponry. The last World Nations soldier to go into the enemies base never came back, but pictures were sent out of weapons, and secret intel, leading the World Nations to send in their best agent, Viper, to find out the truth and eliminate all possible threats. 

VR Mission EXT picks up where the original left off. Actually, that’s not very accurate. VR Mission EXT contains all 15 missions from the original game, as well as 19 more. EXT was originally going to be an update to the first VR Mission, but after putting in over 6 months of very hard work, Sphinx Entertainment decided to release EXT as a separate app. And it is definitely for the best. 
For those of you who have already played the original VRM., you know that one of the most requested features was 360 degree movement instead of the original 4 directional movement it was released with. The update was going to include this, as well as more missions. But after getting to work on the game, Sphinx Entertainment added much, much more. 360 degree movement, more missions, more items in the shop, re-done level designs, and 2 more agents, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, thrown into the mix for good measure. Worth another $0.99? We sure think so. 

As you make your way through the 34 levels, you’ll encounter various trap and hazards, like metal floors which make loads of noise as you walk over them, trap doors which will have you falling to your death, and more, as well as numerous enemies, and bosses who are on a mission to take you out. In some of the levels, you’ll come across data pickups, which you’ll need to download while staying out of the enemies sight range, as well as cash drops. These cash drops help you pick up and upgrade items in the shop. Also to help you out, each stage contains 3 objectives, each giving you $500. You’re also able to replay previously beaten missions to pick up some extra cash if you get stuck, and need a hand.

The level designs, and layouts are superb, and the graphics and animations are fantastic. Unfortunately, GameCenter is not supported, which does take away from the replay value and drive for achievements, and perfect playthroughs. The objectives for each stage do help with this, but not having a scoring system, and no achievements to go for is kind of disappointing. 

If GameCenter was added in a future update, VR Mission EXT would easily be the best stealth based title for the iOS. In fact, many gamers have already placed it in their #1 spot despite the lack of GC. But for others, it’s still in close competition between Spy Mouse, The Nightworld, Dexter, Silent Swords, Dynamite Jack, Spy Corp. and more. However you slice it, Sphinx Entertainment has created a top notch stealth game, worthy of checking out whether you’re a huge fan of the genre or not. The gameplay is fantastic, hooking you in from beginning to end. VR Mission EXT is yet another fantastic title to add to the ever growing list of Sphinx Entertainment’s creations. Specially priced at $0.99 for launch, don’t let this one slip by you. 


Easily the best stealth game in the AppStore. Sphinx Entertainment definitely surprised me with this.

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