Wednesday, August 15, 2012

11-Bit Studios Debut Trailer for Sleepwalker's Journey hits YouTube!

11-Bit Studios, developers of the amazing Tower Offense title, Anomaly Warzone Earth, have just released the debut trailer for their new Puzzle-Platformer, Sleepwalker's Journey. Along with the trailer, they've also sent out some screenshots, which look absolutely beautiful! Take a look;

Sleepwalker's Journey is the story of Moonboy, a young boy who's just been blown out of bed by a huge 'Lunar Sneeze'. Sleepwalking through his dreams, it's up to you to move, rotate, shift, start and stop objects and platforms so that Moonboy can avoid all of the dreamworld's crazy hazards, and make it back to his bed. With numerous environmental puzzles, Sleepwalker's Journey looks to be one of the most interesting puzzle platformers we'll see this year. 

Take a peak below at the trailer, and start to get excited for the second 11 Bit Studio's game to hit the AppStore. If it's even half as polished as Anomaly Warzone Earth, we'll all be in for a real treat. Sleepwalker's Journey is coming to iOS and Android soon. We'll be sure and share the news as it becomes available to us. =o)


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