Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rayark's Live Concert For The iOS Music Game; Cytus!!!

Rayark, developers of the amazing tap-rhythm music title Cytus, has just had the very first live concert dedicated to an iOS title! The event was held at Legacy Taipei in Taiwan 4 days ago, on August 12th. The event had multiple performers showcasing their songs that are included in the game. Naotyu- & Miyu, Yamajet vs. Tom 2, Ani & Vocalists and Cranky x Sta and violinist Teppei Okada, famous for his rendition of the Super Mario Brothers Theme Song, were among the performers that night, playing songs from the game; Les Parfums de L'Amour, Retrospective, the Cytus Main Theme, Hard Landing/Prismatic Lollipops, DRG, Light Up My Love, Cytus Story Album Debut and loads more!

Check out some pictures from the show;

Since chances are most of you don't live anywhere near Taiwan, Rayark is showing the event Delay-Live on UStream at 18:40 (GMT+08:00) on August 18th!! Here's some times for those of you around the globe;

United States West Coast: 03:40
United States East Coast: 06:40
United Kingdom: 11:40
Thailand: 17:40
China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan: 18:40
Japan, Korea: 19:40
Australia (Sydney): 20:40

Granted, personally, it's showing at 6:40 AM, and 4:40 AM back home, this is one show you will NOT want to miss, so set your alarms, watches, iDevices, dogs, chickens, whatever you use to get up in the morning, to go off a little earlier than usual, and you'll be able to watch the first ever concert for an iOS game! Chances are, if you miss it, it'll be archived, so you don't really have to get up that early, or stay up that late in order to see it. =oP

We really hope this helps get Cytus more attention, and sales. It's definitely our favorite iOS tap-rhythm-music game, and with it's most recent update that included an awesome story mode and 9 new songs, now is the best time to check out this awesome game. Also, every time the game gets another 100,000 paid downloads, 10 new songs will be added to the game! If Cytus eventually gets 1 million paid downloads, the full 10 chapter Story Mode will be added, and gamers will have an astounding 100 songs to play and master!!! ONE FREAK'N HUNDRED!!! For the insanely low price of $1.99, and NO IAPs to speak of, not only is it our favorite iOS music game, but it's also one of only a couple that does not include extra music packs only through in-app-purchasing. It has the potential to eventually be the most complete, and content rich iOS music gaming title ever! You don't wanna skip over it, trust us! 

If  you want to know more about the game, you can check out our 4.5/5 star review written back in June, or check out the Official Rayark Website. You can also watch the trailer below. Then head on over to the AppStore, and pick up this fantastic game! 


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