Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The App Shack's Big Ass Promo Code Giveaway Starts Today!

Alrighty, The App Shack's First Ever Big Ass Promo Code Giveaway has just started. Make your way on over to our Twitter page and start retweeting our tweets that mention games that you would like promo codes for. In a couple of hours, we'll randomly pick the winners, and post some more. We're going to be giving them out in groups of 5, 3 times a day, for one week; that's 15 codes a day for 7 days in a row! If you haven't signed up for the TAS Newsletter, and have no idea what games are going to be given away over the next week, here's a list;

Captain Antarctica HD [iPad] - FDG Games - Twitter - Facebook
Blade of Darkness [Universal] - Zealm - Twitter - Facebook
Gluddle [universal] - Creative Heroes - Twitter - Facebook
Cats Away [Universal] - NNT Resonant - Facebook
Hanger [iPhone] - A Small Game - Official Website
FMX Riders [Universal] - The Quadsphere - Twitter - Facebook
Icarus-X [Universal] - The Quadsphere - Twitter - Facebook
Wrrr [Universal] - Nimbi Studios - Facebook - Official Site
Jake Escapes [Universal] - Just Funny Games - Twitter - Facebook
Amoebattle [Universal] - Grab Games - Twitter - Facebook
Great Big War Game [Universal] - Rubicon - Twitter - Facebook
Dynamite Jack [iPad] - Hassey Enterprises - Twitter - Facebook
Tone Sphere [Universal] - Bit192 Labs - Official Site
Final Freeway 2R [Universal] - Newtype K.K. - Twitter - Official Site
Fractal Combat [Universal] - Newtype K.K. - Twitter - Official Site
Astronaut Spacewalk [iPhone] - Jorge Hernandez - Official Site
Meganoid [Universal] - Orange Pixel - Twitter - Facebook
Stardash [Universal] - Orange Pixel - Twitter - Facebook
Super Drill Panic [Universal] - Orange Pixel - Twitter - Facebook
Chrono & Cash [Universal] - Orange Pixel - Twitter - Facebook
Neoteria [Universal] - Orange Pixel - Twitter - Facebook
INC [Universal] - Orange Pixel - Twitter - Facebook
Eve of Impact [Universal] - Rik Schennink - Official Site
Gene Effect [Universal] - Lightstorm 3D - Twitter - Facebook
Cytus [Universal] - Rayark - Official Site
Bio Crisis [Universal] - Sphinx Entertainment - Twitter - Facebook
Pocket Heroes [iPhone] - Ayopa - Twitter - Facebook
Light Byte [Universal] - Ayopa - Twitter - Facebook

Don't forget, you'll only need to retweet our tweets about games that you want, so you don't have to worry about retweeting tweets for games that you're not interested in, or already have... unless you just want another code for them.

Thanks again for everyone's support! And a special thank you to all of the developers who have been kind enough to contribute promo codes for their fantastic games for this event! Make sure you go ahead and check out their sites, follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook, they're all fantastic developers who definitely deserve our support! Hey... you can do it while you're waiting to find out if you've won one of their codes! =oD

Good luck everyone! 


Come one people! Tweet! Tweet!

Winner, winner app-shack.......dinner?

Thanks for the code!

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