Friday, August 17, 2012

Anomaly Korea Teaser Trailer + Screens!

11 Bit Studios first iOS game, a port of the Tower Offense title Anomaly Warzone Earth, was a HUGE success. Well, soon 11 Bit will be releasing the sequel, Anomaly Korea, boasting a new engaging story, new units, new powers, and more. We finally got our hands on the teaser trailer, after the world was shown at Gamescom, they got around to uploading the video to YouTube so all of us unfortunates that weren't able to be there could check it out and get just as excited as the live crowds. Welp, here it is;

You can also check out some of these awesome screens from the soon to be released title;

Beautiful, no? Yeah, we thought so too, which is why we decided to post this even though every other site on the net has already done so. But there's a reason it's getting so hyped up. The original Anomaly title received universal acclaim, getting amazing reviews from the mass of review sites around the net, and eventually clinching one of the highest ratings for an iOS game on Metacritic, with a score of 95. The bar has been set, and Anomaly Korea stands to be the only title with the possibility to reach that extremely high bar and go beyond it. So yes, we will, of course, be sharing more information as it spreads across the sites like wildfire. =o)


The App Shack and 148apps are the only two review sites I follow anymore, so it's great that you guys posted this. I did see the trailer on 148, but I don't think they shared the screenshots like you guys. Keep up the great work! It's great seeing more news being posted!

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