Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Firi Game's Phoenix HD Update Gets Bigger+Better!

Firi Game's extremely popular title, Phoenix HD, has undergone more than a few changes since it's original release back when it was just 'Phoenix', the most major included new ships which completely changed the gameplay, and an HD/Universal build with some mind-blowing eye candy!
Well, yesterday (August 13th) was the official 1 year anniversary for Phoenix HD, and the developers at Firi decided to share a little bit of information about the up-coming update that fans of the game have been eagerly anticipating. 

They wouldn't divulge much, but apparently the afterburners got a complete overhaul, making them stand out  more for each and every ship because the engines were already disassembled while working on the update. Also, they're merging two updates together, which means that we'll be getting some features that were planned for later on in the year even sooner. However, not too soon, as Firi Games wants to wait and see what the iPhone 5 can do, graphically, before spitting it out. But here's some information they shared a while back about what's to be included;

>The Pixel Shaders are being used to change the colors in real-time, making the graphics even more amazing.
>A new player ship with the ability to MANIPULATE TIME! 
>New enemy turrets with increased firepower
>New Alpha Strikes
>Revamped learderboards so you can view scores per ship
>New backgrounds

And here, take a look at the new FOCUS VISION effect... if this doesn't get you excited, I dunno what will!

The new ship's risk/reward aspect will, like the 3 other ships that have been added since the original Phoenix,  have a drastic effect on the gameplay, giving players yet more skills to learn and master. We're guessing that the ship will be like the others, available via $0.99 IAP, and with how much each ship changes the gameplay, believe us when we say 'it's totally worth it, and more!'

If you don't yet own Phoenix HD, you can pick it up in the AppStore for FREE. That's right, you can get this amazing bullet-hell shooter for FREE. The game comes with the original Phoenix ship, and the endless gameplay unlocked. However, if you want access to the leaderboards and the other ships, each costs $0.99 via IAP. With Phoenix HD being on our list of Writers Favorites, and FREE, it's definitely worth checking out. We'll make sure and share more information with you all as it becomes available. 


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