Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Slydris Soundtrack free to download, and Inferno+ dropped to $1.99 in celebration of Slydris going Universal!

Radiangames first non-shooter release for the iOS, Slydris, has just gone Universal in an update that also added some nice tweaks to the scoring system. Alongside this Universal update, the soundtrack for Slydris has been released and is available to download for FREE on Radiangame's Bandcamp page. If you haven't picked up Slydris yet, it's a fantastic puzzler, along the same lines as Tetris, but with enough differences to provide a completely different gameplay experience. You can watch the trailer below or check out our 5/5 star review here on The App Shack! We absolutely love Slydris, and are so psyched to be able to play it on the smaller screen. If you're a fan of block-shifting, line-erasing puzzlers, Slydris is designed just for you. If you're more into Radiangames shooter titles, don't miss out on Inferno+, it just got a new gameplay mode (Scorched, 3 semi-random, timed levels that have you collecting as much gold as possible), and is on sale for $1.99! If you haven't heard of Inferno+, or are still on the fence, check out our 4.5/5 star review!

Feel free to listen to the Slydris soundtrack below as well. It's one of our favorite soundtracks from the studio, and definitely deserves a listen!


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