Thursday, August 16, 2012

I woke up to find: A WHOLE LOT OF UPDATES!

Alrighty, well. I woke up today, ready to check out some of the new games that hit the AppStore last night; Random Heroes, Critter Escape, Flip's Escape... but when I booted up my PC, and started up iTunes, I was pretty damn shocked when I saw all the updates that went live while I was sleeping... check it out!

[Mobigame] - Universal - FREE

Version 1.2.0

>Optimized for the new iPad Retina display
>Anti Aliasing for all devices (4XMSAA)
>The old icon is back!

[] - Universal - FREE

Version 1.2

>Brand New World! - The Factory is an unfriendly place where the soot-lump monsters have increased in numbers. This is their food storage and hundreds of friendly Pebbles are locked up, waiting to be eaten! But with skill and timing you can help the Pebbles to fight the monsters and take another step closer to freedom!
>New Pebble: Bluster Pebble. VERY Explosive!

[DotEmu] - Universal - $1.99

Version 1.3

>iPad Version (Now Universal)

[Everplay] - Universal - FREE

Version 1.1

>A New Arena: Sky Temple
>60 New Missions
>More than 30 new equip items
>New Spell Cards
>New Enemies
>iCloud Support (After uploading your savestate it may take a few minutes until it's completely synced)

[Warner Bros.] - Universal - $0.99

Version 2.1

>New levels in World Pass: The World Pass has been updated with 10 brand new levels
>Back to school Icon & Playground: John Maxwell in the classroom with the all-new back to school playground!

[Spaces of Play] - iPhone/iPod Touch - $2.99

Version 1.3

>New levels designed by the #1 player; Pyjamads

--The HD Version has also been updated with the new levels! - CHECK IT OUT IN THE APPSTORE!

[Rovio Entertainment] - iPhone/iPod Touch - $0.99

Version 2.5.0

>Pencils, apples, backpacks, playgrounds -- it's back to school time! But summer's not over yet: we've got some spectacular surprisees in store! Brighten your day with 20 brand new schoolyard levels, new bonus levels, and a BRAND NEW BIRD!

--The HD Version has also been updated with the new levels and new bird! - CHECK IT OUT IN THE APPSTORE!

[XP] - Universal - $4.99

Version 1.1.0

>New NearbyUI lock icons
>Toggle UI behavior change to enter hide everything mode
>Slider icon tweaks
>Double hit on pad center button to engage all weapons
>Make trackers, markers, and brackets behave properly in hide everything mode
>Give some spacing between missiles, now that they are more likely to launch at the same time with various fire-all-xxx options
>Interface layout changes, including lower right pad of buttons that engages multiple type of modules simultaneously, also autopilot and module radials which can be displayed and dismissed
>Question menu renamed Scanner menu with new access button and position
>Gravity bomb changes
>Gravity bomb and laser now are base ship abilities. Laser is always present but is enhanced by laser modules, Gravity bomb requires at least one module, and is enhanced by additional modules
>Server save
>Expose auto-save slot
>Ability to save to any slot from within game
>Adding many particle based effects
>Various stability fixes
>Fix positioning of interface elements that depend on camera view under certain circumstances
>Upgrade process from old save format that is non-destructive of original save format
>Allow demo version to spend up to 10000 experience
>Icons for player health bars
>Thruster smoke
>Damaged ship smoke
>New planet graphics
>For the player, blur distinction between limit modes and the autopilots they lead to, and related adjustments to camera changes
>Animate NearbyUI lock icon size for time-to-lock and time-to-ecm-expiration

The HD Version of Dangerous has also been released!  - CHECK IT OUT IN THE APPSTORE!
     *Suitable for iPhone 3GS/4/4S, all iPads and 3rd + 4th Generation iPod Touch Devices

[Electronic Arts] - Universal - FREE

Version 2.1.0

>Enhanced HD graphics made for the Retina display of the new iPad
>Multitasking support
>We've also made some behind-the-scenes adjustments to increased stability and a few other fixes to improve overall gameplay.

[Sky Jet International] - Universal - $1.99

Version 5.0

>New map released: Arctic Ice Canyon with secret russian SHARK class nuclear submarine 
>Resurrection of the old map Hoover Dumb enhanced and optimized for flight skills perfection
>Now say WOW - New Elite rank AIR MARSHAL
>Special new helicopter KA-85 Kestrel for the Elite pilots with future tech * Predator armor
>Incredible enhancement with helicopters cockpits, now they are transparent, you may see your helicopters inside
>security system updated
>Sounds issue fixed and you can check it right now.
>Chinese localization added

[Craneballs Studios] - Universal - FREE

Version 2.0

--This is the biggest update for SuperRope yet! Thank you for your patience.
>iPad support
>30 missions you need to finish with Multiplier as reward
>Multiplier for higher score
>only one currency (coins) - no worries, we'll transfer your Funky Stars
>in-game store redesigned and simplified
>heroes and stages are unlocked as you progress in the game
>AND spin wheel!

If you don't have any of these titles, they're all worth checking out. And with all the titles that are becoming abandonware over time, it's great seeing so many titles get updated in one night. 


Bunch of games I'll have to put back on my iTouch!

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