Sunday, June 12, 2011

8-Bit Rally- 1.99

8-Bit Rally, the newest game from Photon Creations is now my favorite arcade racing game. Now you might be thinking "Hes just another biased reviewer and is getting paid to write that this is his favorite game".  WELL you sir are wrong, Im not being paid and this is indeed my favorite arcade racing game for a variety of reasons.

First off the gameplay is extremely smooth and the tilting mechanism works  wonders.  Some people have complained about not having touch based controls but that to me would completely ruin the game.  The turns are smooth and sometimes you have to take your finger off the gas to drift around a corner which is quite exhilarating if there are many cars taking the turn with you.  After each of the 40 tough races in the world cup you get a certain amount of money depending on how well you did and your total ranking place.  With that money you have the option to make your car faster, accelerate faster, and have better grip when turning corners.  Also, you can buy a completely different car if you have saved up enough money.  There are only three different car models, but it takes you a while to get enough money to buy one because you will be buying car upgrades so you can get more money the next race so you can buy a new car.  You can also purchase nitro boosts which of course help you go faster and are extremely useful on the final lap if you are behind in the race.  There are three difficulty levels in the game Amateur, Pro, and Champion each being harder than the previous difficulty level.
The 8-bit scenery in this game is spectacular and you will find yourself in a variety of environmental conditions in the 40 different track locations around the world.  The game can take about 5-6 hours to beat on one difficulty level if you blowing through the game but after your done you can start another game on another difficulty level with harder opponents and more expensive items which makes this a very long and replayable game.
The chip tune music is really catchy and was tailor made exclusively for the game.  I was enjoying the music so much that I would have bought it on Itunes for the same price as the game if it was available!

Overall I would say that this is a must buy for the great price and for the replayability that is offered up in this game.  I give it a 9/10.


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