Monday, June 13, 2011

Joining Hands-2.99

Hands. When you were a kid you were disgusted by even the thought of putting one of your hands anywhere near a cootie infested girl.  But in this game your encouraged to help the little Peablins hold hands so they can get through the forest safely and be reunited with all of their family and friends. This may seem like a weird game concept and it most certainly is but the devs managed to pull it off spectacularly. 

The gameplay here is simple, drag,drop and tap the Peablins so that no hand is left behind.  But, here's the cinch, there are different types of Peablins brought into the mix that cant go in certain positions or they have fixed arms.  This brings up an entirely different game element that is refreshingly different from the millions of match-3 puzzle games in the appstore today.  There are many different ways to finish a puzzle with no way being necessarily correct. You get a star for a level if you gather all the stars in that level.
The content of this game is quite robust with 6 level packs and with an average of 18 levels in each pack.  Over a hundred new levels have been promised in the next update so this certainly has a long run time for a puzzle game.  Not to mention the fact that most levels are devilishly difficult the farther you get into the game.  You can find yourself frequently stumped by a certain puzzle for quite some time which is why I think they should have included a hint system for us puzzle challenged users.
Overall this is a refreshing take on the puzzle genre and should definitely be checked out if you enjoy putting yourself in puzzling situations.  I give it a 9/10. 


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