Sunday, June 5, 2011

Worms 2 Armageddon 0.99

Worms. They are absolutely repulsive creatures used only to gross out people and to be placed in your parents spaghetti. But fortunately Team 17 has found a way around that utter repulsivness and has made a hit ios game called Worms 2: Armageddon.  The focus of the game is on your custom made team of  worms uttterly destroying other worms in massive turn based battles. Now this seems like a outlandish concept but the developers pull it off extremely well making it one of my favorite games ever. 
When you first start off in the game you have to make a team that you will play with in all of the different modes.  There are many customizable features to choose from to fully outfit your team from a Angry Birds hat to a Knight's helmet. You can change your teams voice, name, and victory dance.  There are many other customization features but I wont get into that now.
As I mentioned before this is a turnbased war game that can take place with 2 teams or a maxmimum of 4 teams including your own depending on the game type. There are a limited amount of turns and the turns are timed so you have to be quick and accurate. In order to wage total war on your enemies you have many weapons in your arsenal, some to kill savagely and some to escape sudden death.  You can move around freely during your turn but you cant scale high cliffs. Each mode or game setting has a predetermined amount of each weapon that you get. This is where the strategy of the game comes in.  You can use a homing missile to ensure you hit your target or you can use that when you really need it  and use a grenade instead which you have a lot of but cant ensure it hitting the enemy.  That method of strategy is why this is one of my favorite games.

In singleplayer there are four different modes to play:
Quick Game: In quick game you are stuck into a randomly generated level where you battle it out with opponents.  There are three difficulties:Easy, Medium, Hard.
Practice Match: This is a mode with unlimited time and turns.  Here you can practice your strategys or just mess around with shooting weapons to get the hang of them.  This is like a free play mode
Body Count:  This is essentialy a survival mode where you take on all other worms coming at your sole worm.  Fortunatley the enemys health is decreased and yours is increased.
Campaign: There are 30 levels in campaign to play through. You gain coins through playing campaign levels which you can use on the coin shop to get more accesories and weapons.  Coins are easily obtained.
In multiplayer mode there is wifi and blue tooth multiplayer.  In a hotseat game you can use different game styles. Also you can make your own game styles which is very awesome and makes this game replayable for a long time.
Is it worth it?
In my opinion this game is very much worth it at its 0.99 sale price and I highly recommend you check it out on the appstore. There is also a battle pack add-on that has more weapons and campaign missions that is on sale also for 0.99 so i suggest you buy fast.
Score: 9/10


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