Saturday, June 4, 2011


This is definitely not a typical puzzle game and has very interesting mechanics that sets itself apart from the rest.   The object in this game is to create your own blocks to destroy other enemy blocks.  In the bottom half of the screen their is a box where you  draw the block shapes neccesary to destroy a enemy.  If you fail to launch a block pattern in time at these constantly moving enemys they take one life out of your 20 lifes per block.  Also you have a limited amount of blocks that are used when you draw the block shapes.  These recharge but that forces you to be precise and skillful thus adding a degree of fast paced strategy to this game.  There are two modes Adventure and Endurance.  Adventure is level based and there is a three star system to encourage you to do better and be more precise.  Endurance mode is basically survival mode where you can compete with high scores.  There are three diffuculties;Easy, Medium,Hard, in the Endurance mode.

Is it worth it?
This is one of my favorite apps on the go and is very cheap for the low price of 0.99. There is plenty of replay value and the developers will be adding more levels and other cool modes. But if you are interested you better buy fast because its on  a introductory sale.


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