Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rolling Ranch- 1.99 (Universal)

Rolling Ranch [$1.99/UNIVERSAL] is one of those games that you could get lost in for hours easily! I could definitely see this game contending with the top apps on the App Store. If you've ever played Billiards, then this game will most likely remind you of that game. Your mission is to help Farmer Earp get his ball shaped animals inside of the barn. There's only one control: tap on the animal you want to direct and drag back on the animal to increase the shot strength and let go! It's as easy as that! Except, you face obstacles in the game, such as blowing fans. The obstacles make the game a real challenge which makes you come back for more every time. You get 4 different packs in the game, with 20 levels a piece. So if you know how to add then that means you get 80 beautifully designed levels.
In some levels you only have to get one animal inside the barn. In
other levels you have to get more than one animal inside the barn with the given amount of shots. If you go past the shots allowed, then that means GAME OVER. This means the level will have to be restarted and played all over again. Certain levels require you to collect all the horseshoe coins to open up the barn. Other levels give you unlimited shots, but you have to get inside of the barn within the given time limit. This game is really fantastic. I just ran into one problem. Just picture this: "Imagine me on a roll, playing from level to level. Feeling like I'm on top of the world. I then beat the first pack. I go click on the second pack to play it and...CRASH!" I was pretty sad about that, but all I had to do was restart my device and voila! The crash was fixed and I was able to play the second pack. Other than that I found no problems at all in this game.

 The graphics are fantastic, nice level structure, great user interface, and just overall a very well done game. If your not convinced that this game is good then you can go download Rolling Ranch [FREE]. I'm surprised that this game isn't in the Top 10 yet. It's appealing to all ages. Rolling Ranch [$1.99] is a Universal app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad that comes with GameCenter and Open Feint support. My final rating is 8.5/10.



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