Friday, June 17, 2011

Vacation TIME!!!

Hello devoted fans and groupies,
We sure hope you exist. And if you don't that's okay because I'm sure most of the site views came from my mother. (Thanks Mom!) I didn't just write this to thank you loyal fans I wrote this to tell you that me and my cowriter have coincidentally chosen the same week to go on vacation.  At this point you should get a tissue because I have also came to tell you that we will be having way more FUN than you can possibly imagine while you are sitting in your cold dark basement with your bug collection sobbing.  This means there will be no updates, posts,general awesomeness, and recent sales.  Feel free to cry and roll around on the floor if that makes you feel any better because it only gets worse from here. To help demonstrate the concept of me going on vacation I give you a visual aid.


Well I hope you have a great time without our reviews and don't let the rats get to ya cause I heard they are the size of a dinner plate.
Arashi541 and his begruntled cowriter AP9TV1


To fill the void why not checkout my awesome iOS app and game review site.

Also me and Arashi541 are currently collaberating on a project.

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