Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Velocispider- 0.99

Have you ever imagined what a velociraptor and a spider would look like if they were fused together?  The answer is NO you havent! But, the developers over at Retrodreamer apparently have with their culmination of one weeks hard work, Velocispider!  This part-spider, part-velociraptor creature has extremely tasty eggs which an evil CEO wants for breakfast....Sunny Side Up. He will do anything to get these eggs and is willing to send waves of his aquatic robot hybrids to capture them and kill the velocispider.
But our fearless velocispider is not defensless, he just happens to have a CANNON attached to his head! Players will take control of the velocispider by tilting to move him back and forth and holding the screen to charge a super blast. The cannon autofires so all you have to worry about is moving back and forth.  There are a variety of powerups that are dropped from the enemies you kill like the triple cannon and the rapid fire powerup.  The whole game is coated with brilliant pixel art which really makes the game come to life.  The chiptunes playing in the background are amazing and make it seem as though your playing it in an arcade.  Overall there are 20 waves which can be played back to back to get a high score for the Gamecenter leaderboards or you can just play one specific wave you cant beat.  You have three lives and if you lose all three its game over for you and your highscore streak.  This game has very simple gameplay but at the same time is extremly addictive and has you replaying through all the waves to beat your score.  Though it is a little bit loose on content with only 20 waves and no survival mode I definitely recomend it for casual gamers and shoot em up fans.
Overall I give it 4/5 stars.
Itunes Link:http://itunes.apple.com/app/velocispider/id433011745?mt=8


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