Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quest Runner RPG-1.99

This unique game is a bit difficult to describe.  It doesn't really fit into the niches carved by so many games before it and cant be categorized as one or the other.  But for now lets call it a rpg. When you first start off on your grand adventure you get to choose your starting armor, haircut and name. Then your magnificent tale of quest running begins in the town of Torma, home of some seriously ungrateful people who want you to do quests for them...FAST.  As you progress in the story you'll find many quirky characters and find your archnemesis, Rooster who despite having short, stubby legs can complete quests faster than you.  If you don't get anything I said above don't worry, you'll get it once you complete some of the game!  You see thats why this game is such a refreshing change of pace from the normal run of the mill stuff that has no humor or inside jokes.  The characters are lively and are fun to interact with and sometimes give you helpful items.
The gameplay in this game is simple, drag to move your character and tap to interact with others or move to a certain spot.  There are 2 buttons on the bottom of the screen, the attack button which looks like a sword and the potion button where you can use the potions you have gained in the game.  Later you earn skills which also take up space at the bottom of the screen.  Your health bar is located above your players head.  Now the thing about the controls is that they aren't that precise and you can sometimes goof up when your in a crowded area and are trying to talk to one particular person. Sometimes you might accidentally hit the potion button when you were trying to go left.  But overall I would say the controls are entirely bearable but a little bit of tweaking is necessary.  And speaking of tweaking the menus need a lot of that.  The selection menus from the start are completely devoid of color and make the game look way worse than it should.  But fortunately the in-game menus are a little better except for the pause menu.
Your goal in the game is to complete quests and there isn't really much of a storyline to speak off.  Your basically doing quests with no motive other than trying to be the best quest runner and their aren't any princesses to save either which was a major disappointing factor for me.  When you kill a creature a item is dropped be it gold or a part of the creature.  This is where the game is a bit confusing to me. There is no inventory system to speak of and you cant sell the animal parts your picking up so what do they do?  Apparently nothing and when you need them for a quest you have to go out and get them again.  Aside from this creatures can also drop treasure quests and of course you can get XP for each kill so you can level up.  There are a decent amount of weapons and armor you can buy at certain levels and they all change the way your character looks.  You can also buy pets to assist you in your adventures along with mercenaries that assist you also. Both need to be either feed or paid off.

This is a pretty expansive game and I have put in about a hour and a half and have only met two bosses so im sure it will last for a lot longer.  There are 3 IAPs but they are completely optional and they in no way affect the gameplay or content at all. The 2.5d graphics are nice and so is the sound effects and music.  This is by no means a hardcore rpg game and is good for what it was designed for, pick up and play.
Overall I give this game a 8.5/10 in leu of a little bit better control over your character and a better menu system. It is definitely worth the asking price if you enjoy quirky sidescrolling rpgs.


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