Friday, June 10, 2011

Online Sniper League- Out on 6/14/11

Ever wonder what it would feel like to be a Elite Sniper in charge of killing dangerous criminals?  Well if you do you seriously need mental health because that stuffs not easy!  Fortunately this game makes it possible for anyone to be a sniper without all the danger. 

        The gameplay is what makes this game so unique.  This is basicaly a strategy sniping game.  Now you might be thinking isnt sniping strategic in the first place?? To that I reply shut up and let me finish.  There are a variety of perks and weapons to upgrade and they all can influence your missions succes or failure. To make this even more strategic you can use the perks you saved your blood money up for in Multiplayer to decimate all the not as good players often reffered to as noobs.  You can hire assistants to take out your opponents mercenaries while you try to pick off the parachuters before they hit the ground.  That is the type of action that makes this such a competitive-top of the food chain game.
    As the name suggests this is a online game but is not exclusively limited to online.  There are many other modes that you can play on the go or in your parents basement where there is no internet.
 The First mode is Survival mode where as the name suggests you try to kill as many enemies as you can without being killed in the process.  There is a leaderboard for the amount of days of onsluaght you can withstand and various achievments you can unlock.
  The next mode is Mission mode where you gain more prestige and gold to truly be the bossest boss in town.  These missions can be hard at times but so's life so suck it up.  There are planned updates that will bring more missions so theres no shortage of fun!
  Sandbox mode is where you can train for multiplayer by launching attacks against yourself to make attack plans.  Now that seems kinda stupid but it helps you get behind the eyes of the guy agiainst you in multiplayer.  Its like being psychic withhout being psychic.
   Multiplayer is the real meat and potatoes casserole of this game and is where your training from all the other modes comes in handy.   I have yet to expeirence this mode yet but thats becuase the game is not released yet duh.  There is also a leaderboard you can climb or fall depending on your skills and how much time and money you put into weapons and useful perks.

This game will be out next Tuesday so be looking for it on the Appstore then.  Hope this little behind the scenes peek piqued your intrest in this game that I for one will be looking forward to buying on Tuesday.


i just downloaded this game and i played a couple of people last night, it.was.awesome! i hope more people download it so there will be more people to paly against! :)

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