Thursday, June 30, 2011

Push-Cars - 0.99

Push-Cars [$0.99] is the newest puzzler to hit the App Store. I haven't played any puzzle game before quite like Push-Cars. The objective of the game is to get Sparky and his buddies out of the city while trying to avoid Hannibal and his cars that crash and pollute the city. There's a bunch of cities to play through and 90 exciting (but challenging) levels to choose from. The only control in the game is your finger. Yes, the finger you pick your nose with. See it's good for more than just your nose. You have to tap on the different cars to change the direction of where they're going. In some levels there's a road sign (with a direction on it) that you can tap on to change the route of your car, so you are not constantly going in a straight path. That would be boring! At the moment there are 9 different cars. Each with their own behavior. Some cars CAN'T crash at all. You want to get them safely out of the city without being harmed. Other cars you WAN'T to crash. More cars have their own specifications that they require in the game to win the level. If you ever get
stuck in a level you can use hints that you earn throughout playing the game. You can also buy more hints through an IAP. It's not required to enjoy the game, just a little boost just in case you run out of your hints. There's also an IAP to unlock the first 45 levels and the last 45 levels if you'd like to unlock them all at once, but where's the satisfaction of unlocking the levels yourself? One of the best things about this game is the music. I've found the song stuck in my head a couple times. The onlly thing I'd like to see in the game is some other thing that you could play if your mind gets to stressed from the puzzles. Maybe a little mini mode for racing the cars? That would be an awesome addition to the entire game. Overall this game has graphics that appeal to all ages, fantastic music, and well constructed levels to get your brain running! If your a major fan of puzzles then your going to love this game, but also if your looking for something fresh to play then give Push-Cars a try. There's also Push-Cars HD [$1.99] optimized for the big screen of the iPad. My final rating for Push-Cars is 7.5/10. Push-Cars comes with retina graphics and GameCenter support.

Push-Cars (iPhone & iPod Touch)- [$0.99]
Push-Cars HD (iPad)- [$1.99]



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