Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Driller Bunny-0.99 [Ninjakiwi]

Ninja Kiwi has gained quite a reputation for their flash games like Bloons TD and the original Bloons. But recently they have branched out into the app market with some of their old classics like Bloons TD 4 and Bloons.  Driller Bunny is their first "original" game for the iPhone and by original I mean it went straight to iPhone without being made into a flash game.
In this game you play as a bunny who isn't as strong as all the other mining rabbits.      Fortunately you have your trusty drill so now you can dig deep and get way more gems than the other rabbits!
You control your bunny on its quest by tilting your device back and forth to move him across the screen.  Your goal is to collect all of the gems in the level or at least the minimum amount acceptable.  You can gain a total of three carrots for each level depending on how well you do. As you dig you'll find rock formations that you can drill through to gain a rare gem or choose to pass up and continue following the trail of gems.  The fun thing about this game is that in order to get three carrots you need to make decisions like that to be successful and the difficulty starts ramping up quickly with new game elements.  There are a variety of powerups like the mega-drill that can tunnel fast through stone and the bomb that destroys whole areas giving you all the gems.  The thing you have to look out for is the skull and crossbones which will kill you if you touch it.  The gameplay is entertaining and will have you retrying the level to get all the gems!
The content is quite robust and you'll have plenty to do in the future too as they promise to add more levels. There are three worlds each with 20 levels waiting to be dug up. For all of you that think 2+2=Fish that means there are 60 levels overall.  Gamecenter is included along with a nice collection of achievements and leaderboards.
Overall, this is a entertaining casual game that will keep you hooked from the start.  The only thing I really want to see is maybe a survival mode and of course the promised levels and worlds.


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