Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gamesmold Endless Runner, Blood Roofs, Finally Hits The AppStore!

Gamesmold, developers of the awesome titles D-Capitatrix, Cart Cow and two of my personal favorite endless games, Panic Springs and Spooky Hoofs, has just released another Endless Runner this morning, Blood Roofs. We've been extremely psyched about Blood Roofs since hearing about it back in January. It was scheduled for release in March, but, as sometimes happens, issues arose, and the release date was pushed back. Well, now we can finally experience this graphically intense, H.P. Lovecraft inspired game. Here's the iTunes description;

Chased by dreadful monsters, Jake must carry Catherine, the wounded girl - and run for both of their lives! Yet, she is armed and still tough enough to shoot a way through the deadly hordes. 

Can you help the duo on their desperate escape over the rooftops of the city? But be careful: Don't let them fall down into the fog - who knows what may lurk inside... 

Encounter colossal creatures and gigantic boss beasts that have been summoned by some sinister cultists. 
And, eventually, you might come across some more survivors who would need Jake's help... 

Experience a unique new kind of double character action with touch and tilt controls! Collect mystic coins to unlock power ups and special features for your battle against the dark breed. 

Get ready for a breathtaking 3D thunderstorm with full scene realtime specularity on all supported devices!

Optimized for the new iPad, iPad 2 and iPhone 4S with antialiasing at 60 fps and crystal clear Retina graphics. 

Features Game Center leaderboards and achievements as well as iCloud integration to sync settings and persistent unlocks on all your devices.

We haven't really had a chance to dig deep into the game yet, but we do know that there's 2 more unlockable characters which you're able to carry, and have attack for you, as well as a clock which you can unlock, and try and get as far as you can in the game without being able to attack. We're definitely excited to get into Blood Roofs, as most of the monsters and bosses look insanely awesome. Check out the screens and trailer below, or just jump on over to the AppStore and pick this one up! We'll make sure and post up a review later in the week after we get some nice playtime worked in.


Video looks pretty good, can't wait for your review!

I've been playing this for the last day, and I love it! It's easily in the top 5 endless runner games I've ever played. Like ^^ I'm also pretty excited to read what you guys have to say about it.

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