Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Some Great Content Updates Go Live!!

Days after the great content update for Reckless Getaway, and the long awaited iCloud/Joypad update for Bean's Quest, and also, while we're waiting for the new ship update for Phoenix HD to go live, it looks like we've got even more new content to check out, and keep us busy! We woke up to see 6 content updates waiting to be downloaded, and boy are we excited to check em out! Take a look;

Version 1.3

>All-new level pack with 12 new levels to explore, can you find all the gems and bananas?
>Optimized gameplay even more, gameplay never felt so smooth!

Version 1.1

>12 New Challenge Mode Levels
>24 New Disguises
>Option to adjust control button transparency
>Supports iCade and Joypad!

Version 1.4

>iCloud Support! Back up and maintain your progress over the cloud!
>Lava Background - The labs at Legitimate Research seem to be pretty versatile; one second you're under the sea, and the next you're in a volcano. Boss!
>Blast off Rocket Jetpack - Fans of the classic Halfbrick game Blast Off will enjoy this - all others can get a taste of interstellar history!
>Worker Costume - Sick of having fun? Dress Barry up and start taking care of business!

Version 1.2.5

>Added a whole new level (Both Story and Endless) - Tandoori Moon
>Revamped the graphics of the level 1 and added much more visual diversity
>Added a 3-star rating system for the story sections (find the hidden atmoic gem and don't get hurt in order to get 3 stars)
>Introduced a monsters slicing mechanic when we slash them
>Added revive potions to ease out the progression difficulty
>Added FB connect functionalities (compare high scores with FB friends, post achievements, ect)
>Tweaked the tutorial and it's access point
>Added new helment costumes and sword colors
>Added new power-up upgrades
>Performed various bug fixes, tweaks and additions

Version 1.05

>TNT and C4 are now available! Wreak havoc with powerful explosions!
>Recreate the Jurassic Peroid with giant dinosaurs and volcanoes! Protect yoru dinosaurs from extinction or recreate the Big Bang and make them disappear!
>New ways to acquire FREE Mana, such as watching video clips and more!
>40 new missions through four exciting campaigns -- a whopping 70 game levels in all!

Version 1.4.1

>Added a second level pack for FREE!
>Korean and Chinese language support

With all of this new content, it'll be kind of hard to find the time to check it all out, but it'll definitely keep us busy while we await the already submitted, long awaited content update for Phoenix HD. Firi Games also just released an image of the new ship, check it out;

We will, of course, have information about the Phoenix update as soon as it goes live, and will try and include some feedback about the new ship and other tweaks and additions, though, like the other ships that have been added to Phoenix, we probably won't have a real handle on how drastically it will effect the gameplay until we've sunk a decent amount of time into the game again. 


Can't wait for the Phoenix update!

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