Friday, September 21, 2012

SoMoGa's VAY Gets Its iPhone 5 Update!

SoMoGa has just released one of the best selling SEGA CD titles, Lunar Silver Star Story, on the iOS (which we are in the middle of reviewing ATM, so expect that in the next couple of days!). With it came an updated UI and control scheme, which has just been copied over to their first iOS release, and other SEGA CD port of Vay. Not only has Vay received this new control update, but has also been updated to fit the new iPhone 5 screen, and retina UI. If you were lucky enough to pick up Vay while it was free for a day, or bought Vay throughout it's 4 year life on the AppStore, you might know that the controls were kind of a hassle, only incorporating a touch-to-move scheme, but now, you're able to use a virtual joystick to move around, making it a lot easier to navigate through the game, and bringing it up to par with other UI's for various RPGs available on the iOS. 


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