Wednesday, September 19, 2012

10 New Levels and More Added To Random Heroes!!

Last month, Ravenous Games released yet another platformer, Random Heroes. I won't lie, we had quite a few issues with Random Heroes, which we talked about in our 2.5 star review, but some of those issues have been dealt with, or are being dealt with, which is great to see. 

The new update that's just gone live about 10 minutes ago brings a whole new world to the Random Heroes game; The Forest. It includes 10 new levels, a new boss and 3 new enemies. On top of that, Ravenous has also added 5 new characters and 5 new weapons as well as improved the stability and fixed some bugs. 

However, not all of the bugs are fixed, and the gameplay is still basically the same. In the first couple minutes of playing, I ran into an enemy who got stuck in a wall, fell into a wall, and had the game crash on me while in the shop, but the new levels adding to the content is a good thing, as the game was basically just a one hour free-for-all, and the new enemies, like a bomb carrying suicidal zombie, and new flying bird, do add some challenge to the gameplay, but not much. This update is a very nice step in the right direction though, and here's hoping that more is added and tweaked with future updates. 


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