Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mecho Wars Sequel - Mecho Wars Desert Ashes Gets A Trailer!

With loads of Turn-Based Strategy games having hit the AppStore since it's launch back in July of 2008. Now with over 900,000 apps having hit the virtual store, it's really no surprise that gamers seek out releases that are similar to previous video game favorites. In the TBS genre, one of these titles is the extremely well known and highly rated, Advance Wars, developed by Intelligent Systems.

Now, there are a couple titles similar to A.W. available for the iOS; Rogue Planet [$4.99], Highborn [$0.99], Great Little War Game [$0.99] and Great Big War Game [$2.99], but there's always been one title that screamed Advance Wars since the moment I laid my eyes on it. Mecho Wars, by Oyaji Games., released back in July of 2009. 
Set in the same world as Luc Bernard's fantastic Platformer, Eternity's Child and featuring 2 Campaigns with 20 levels each, 20 Challenge (Skirmish) levels and Online Multiplayer, not to mention some fantastic gameplay mechanics, like day/night cycles which freeze water, letting you traverse over it to flank out of reach areas, and the game's rock, paper, scissors type unit setup, Mecho Wars still holds up more than 3 years later, being one of the best TBS titles available for the iOS. 

Well, last Thursday, Oyaji Games shared a new trailer, via YouTube, for the upcoming sequel to Mecho Wars, Mecho Wars: Desert Ashes. Desert Ashes will, like most sequels, basically be an extension and advancement on the original, featuring an all new story, improved character art, reworked animations, HD/Retina support (no word yet on whether or not it will be Universal, but since an HD build was not done for the original, this is great news), more fleshed out MP gameplay along with cross-platform features, being able to play online with all iOS, PC, Mac and Android users. Check out the trailer below, as well as some new screen-shots for this highly anticipated sequel. 

As usual, we'll be sure and let you know, as soon as we get word, when more information is available, but needless to say, we're incredibly excited and pumped up about this release, and we know that quite a few of you guys are too. =oD


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