Thursday, September 13, 2012

PikPok's Extinction Squad Goes FREE For A Limited Time!

PikPok has become one of our favorite developers over the last year or so, since their release of Monsters Ate My Condo, published by Adult Swim. After MAMC was released, a couple more titles were picked up by Adult Swim as well; Velocirapture and Extinction Squad. Well, late last night, Extinction Squad's price was lowered and now you can pick up this awesome wild animal themed score-chasing arcade game for FREE! If you're familiar with PikPok's other titles, then you know that they're basically a perfect fit for Adult Swim. 

Make sure you snag this one if you don't already have it, and if you enjoy it, maybe throw a couple bucks towards PikPok via IAPs so we can have the chance of seeing more of these fantastic games hit the AppStore. 


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