Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kingdom Rush Goes FREE For A Limited Time!!

Arguably one of the best Tower Defense games available in the AppStore today is Kingdom Rush. Released earlier this year for the iPad, KR eventually made its way over to the iPhone and iPod Touch, winning itself a fairly massive and very loyal fanbase. 

Well, about 30 minutes ago, the iPhone build of Kingdom Rush went FREE. That's right, FREE! With many proclaiming that Kingdom Rush is the best TD game available for the iOS, there's no reason not to grab this while you can, and if you enjoy it, there's IAP's available (though not required to complete the game) so that you can go ahead and toss Ironhide Games a couple bucks if you're so inclined. 

With Kingdom Rush being pretty casual, even gamers who aren't fans of TD gaming should check this one out, as it's already turned many non-TD gamers into hardcore fans of the genre. So pick this one up now before it goes back to $0.99!


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