Friday, September 7, 2012

The App Shack Is Back With A New URL

A couple days ago, we lost our .com redirect. Unfortunately, we struggled with the decision to either;

1:) Wait it out for the old owner to contact us back with the registration info, or 
2:) Purchase our own URL, making the site officially ours.

We chose option #2. 

Hopefully we won't loose too many readers. Unfortunately, only 14 of you are receiving our newsletter, and we have 13 followers on FB. We did post on both FaceBook and Twitter with the new URL, but sadly, we're unable to do anything with the old URL, so a lot of people will be in the fog. If you could, please help spread the word about the new URL;


It'd mean the world to us.

We're extremely dedicated to bringing you new iOS news, and reviews, and will do our best to not let an issue like this ever arise again. Now that everything is in our names, we're not going anywhere. 


Hey, you might want to change the link on your twitter page, it's still directing to the old site!

Way smooth how you handled the domain registration issue. I for one am impressed with how fast you worked through it, and blamo, now you'rw back to writing killer reviews again
Thanks man!you rock!

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