Friday, September 14, 2012

Monkube And Endeavor Bros Release The Comic Book/Video Game Mash Up, Retrobot!

Monkube, developers of the awesome Action/Arcade-Spaceship Lander+Comic Book mash up, 6th Planet, have joined forced with Endeavor Bros to release another Comic Book+Action/Arcade mix, Retrobot. With Retrobot, your creator, Spencer, has been abducted, and it's up to you and Spencer's faithful monkey, Toto, to save him from his unknown fate. 

With a great mix of comic book scenes and fantastic Action/Arcade gameplay that's a mix between Velocispider and Color Bandits, and priced at $0.99 for it's launch, Retrobot is definitely a game that fans of 6th Planet, as well as arcade shooters, should pick up ASAP. Like 6th Planet, there is no HD or Universal build, but with the hi-resolution assets, the game looks pretty decent in 2X mode.

We'll be sure and post up a review for Retrobot once we get more playtime with it, but until then, check out the trailer, screens, or head on over to the AppStore, and pick it up before the price rises to it's normal $2.99! 


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