Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Phoenix HD Update Goes Live!!!

It's FINALLY here!!! The MASSIVE Update for Phoenix HD that we've all been waiting for! I just woke up and spent some time with it, and damn, there are some huge changes here. Check em out;

Welcome to Phoenix HD 2.0, our biggest update yet! Read on for the countless new things you can find in this update: 

* Full iPhone 5 and iOS6 support 
Phoenix HD now fully supports the new iPhone 5. 

* Trinity 
Trinity is a new player ship, and again offers a completely new game experience! Trinity is capable of slowing down time and teleporting to different locations on 
the screen. The ship is great fun for players of all skill levels! Trinity is available via in-app purchase. 

* Armory 
At the armory you can purchase extra boosts with coins you gather while playing the game. Some of the boosts include a drone that shoots down bullets, extra health, or even a revive during the game! 

* Redone Phoenix Leaderboards 
The phoenix leaderboards are completely redone, and are shown on gorgeous maps. We also added leaderboards for each individual ship, so you can finally settle who is the best with a specific ship. We like the new leaderboards so much, we made them free for everyone! If you previously purchased an online pass you will get some free coins for your support! 

* Support for Multiple Devices 
You can now synchronize scores and coins you gather across your iPhone, iPad and other devices. Register an account in the settings menu to activate synchronization. 

* Focus Vision 
When you get on low health, the world will turn to black & white, but the enemy bullets and your cockpit will remain in color, so you can focus on survival. 

* Massive Gameplay Improvements 
A lot of gameplay improvements have been made. This list summarizes a few of them: 

- Rebalanced all turrets and enemy ships. 
- The EMP powerup now glows gold and turns bullets into coins! 
- The selectable star difficulty system has been replaced by an automatic progression to a level that suits the player. 
- Enemy turrets at high level use new dangerous projectiles that deal more damage to your ship. 

Due to all gameplay changes, we have put Phoenix 2.0 on new leaderboards. 

* New backgrounds 
Two new backgrounds have been added after the current ones.

Now, I know that right off the bat, some of you might be worried about the shop, and consumables and the introduction of IAPs. I was too at first. But then the initial shock wore off, and after thinking about it; I figured this would wind up pushing the drive to play the game more often even higher. Having a couple of decent runs could earn you enough coins to totally upgrade the hell outta your ship, and have one awesome run with your ship fully upgraded, with an extra life, the drones, ect..., it really hasn't changed the gameplay too much, but gives you that reward for fantastic playing, or playing often, by letting you totally kick some ass out there. 

Now, the new ship, I about died when I took my finger off the screen and it entered slow-motion, and then set my finger down on another part of the screen, and had my ship teleport there. Like the other ships, it's going to take some getting use to, but once you do, it'll be another beast all together. The gradual fade into Focus Vision as your life goes down (you start to enter it after about half of your health is gone, and it gets darker and darker, turning into straight up Black & White at about 20% health) is a fantastic addition, and really helps you focus on the bullets when you desperately need to. 

Since this change is so huge, the leaderboards have also been wiped, and made free for everyone (even those that didn't purchase the leaderboard IAP in the previous version), so there should be a lot more competitiveness, especially with the great layout of the boards. 

Aaaand... I won't take up any more of your time, GO DOWNLOAD THIS UPDATE NOW!!! It's available right now, as I'm typing this! GO GO GO GO! 

**If you don't have this awesome bullet-hell shooter yet, you can pick up Phoenix HD for FREE in the AppStore. It includes access to the shop, leaderboards, and the original Phoenix ship!


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