Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mistwalker's Next iOS Release, Blade Guardian Announced!

Back in our review of Party Wave we talked about our love for Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi  and his new development team, Mistwalker. Since then, we've pretty much been on the edge of our seats waiting to see what the Mistwalker studio would be bringing to the table with their next release. Well, we need wait no longer, because yesterday we got an e-mail with some information about the new Mistwalker title, Blade Guardian.

Blade Guardian is a Real-Time Strategy/Tower Defense mesh that incorporates some interesting gameplay mechanics. To start it off, Blade Guardian is a score-chasing arcade type game. Now, that might sound strange, especially considering it's a RTS/TD blend, but apparently, you're able to start from any level you've previously reached, and destroy wave after wave of enemies until they finally take over your base, combining scores from each stage you've completed until this happens. Not only is Blade Guardian a score-chasing arcade RTS/TD, it's also incorporated a captured blade system. Throughout levels, captured 'Blades' will appear on the screen, and once you release them, you're able to activate their powers, and tilt to move them across the screen, destroying everything in it's path, including your own walls and towers. We're not too sure how it'll work out in the end, but considering it's out of Mistwalker, we're confident that it'll be one amazing game. 

Blade Guardian is set to hit the AppStore on October 1st, and you can expect us to have a review up ASAP so that you can know all the details about the gameplay and mechanics. Until then, if any more news about Blade Guardian is released, you can be sure that we'll share it. We know there's loads of Mistwalker fans out there who are just as pumped about this release as we are. Until then, you can check out some screens below. You can also check out the Blade Guardian section of Mistwalker's Official Site for a taste of the fantastic BGM, and some special promo screens!

Also, Party Wave FREE, Party Wave Version 1.2 and the Android version of Party Wave are all slated for release on October 1st as well, so be sure and keep an eye out for that!


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