Thursday, September 20, 2012

SoMoGa's VAY Goes Free In Celebration Of Lunar Silver Star Story Touch Release!

Late last night, the new SoMoGa port for Lunar: Silver Star Story hit the AppStore, and at the exact same time, their first iOS release, and one of the first RPGs to ever hit the iDevice, VAY, went FREE in celebration. This is the first price drop for VAY. Ever. 4+ years on the AppStore without a price change is an incredibly impressive feat, and for some, reason enough to check it out. 

If you haven't heard of Vay before now, it's a port of a 1994 SEGA CD title, and though not as influential or successful as Lunar SSS, is still one game that all RPG fans should own, play, and know. So if you haven't bought Vay before now, it's your chance to pick it up for FREE. While you're at it, you can now snag Lunar SSS, one of the best SEGA CD selling titles in Japan, selling almost as many copies as consoles, for $6.99. Grabbing both is almost like paying half price for the pair. Can't argue with that. You can expect us to get a review up for Lunar once we get more in-depth with it. 


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