Saturday, September 8, 2012

Orator Games Blue Libra 2 Hits The AppStore!

Last September, we had the chance to review Orator Game's fantastic RTS title, Blue Libra. We really enjoyed the gameplay, graphics and slight 4X elements, giving it a 4.5 out of 5 stars; You can check out the review here

This morning, we woke up to see that the sequel to Blue Libra, Blue Libra 2, had just been released. This time around, Blue Libra 2 comes as a Universal build, as well as having one of the most requested features from the original, online multiplayer, allowing for 4 players to take part in Skirmish Mode gameplay over Bluetooth, or through GameCenter. Also included are 30 single player levels, continuing the story from the original. Here's the game's iTunes description;

Small is beautiful. Those just might be the most fun tiny ships you will ever command!

Play as the commander of "Libra II", the newest state of the technological art space carrier and take revenge on Alien Invaders that took over your home world. This time you will bring the fight to them and let them taste your power.

Build a variety of crafts, conquer planets and space stations and travel the universe. You will face a single player campaign filled with exciting battles depicted with unique art style. Upgrade your ships and combine them into unstoppable fleets.

Blue Libra 2 introduces multiplayer combat for up to 4 players in skirmish mode. You can play via gamecenter, directly with a bluetooth or over wifi or the internet. (The available multiplayer options may vary depending on your network setup and Operating System version). Blue Libra II brings improved graphics, more immersive gameplay and extended economy with more decision making. Game features new ships, unique for both races and over 30 single player maps.

Blue Libra 2 uses retina display (if available) for enhanced combat graphics. If retina display is not available, it'll automatically switch to regular display.

Blue Libra 2 is available for handheld devices as well as stationary computers. 

Seems just like the original, Blue Libra 2 is also available for Windows as well as the OSX. If you have yet to check out Blue Libra, you can either pick up the lite version in the AppStore, or try your hand at the demos for both the original and the sequel on Orator Game's Official Website. You can also check out the screens and trailer below, and, as always, make sure you check back here for our review of Blue Libra 2 once we get into the real meat of the game. 


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