Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gamesmold Runner Blood Roofs Drops Down To $0.99!

Blood Roofs could be accused of being the main reason why I haven't been able to write many reviews lately. Every time I pick up my iPad, the icon's there, staring me in the face, waiting for me to throw another hour or two at it. It's quite possibly the best runner I've played to date, and definitely deserves to be checked out by anyone even remotely interested in it. Seems the developers have the same mindset, because the price was just dropped from $2.99 down to $0.99 last night. Those of you who have already purchased the game probably already know how great it is, but for those of you who haven't, now's your chance to pick it up at a fraction of the price, and hey, if you were already thinking of picking it up, that could also mean that you'll have a couple extra bucks layin around which you could throw towards Gamesmold in exchange for some coinage, and be able to unlock some of the game's extra little goodies a little sooner than most. If you'd like to know more about the game and how it plays, feel free to check out our 4.5 Star Review, have a look at a couple screens, or watch the trailer. Then hop on over to the AppStore and pick up this fantastic gem of a game while it's still $0.99!


Sold! Thanks for the heads up!

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